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Recommendations concerning safe use of electronic screens in children:

Source: Ophth and Ped Guidelines

1. Limit screen time according to age:

    No screen time for age 0–2 years (except for live video-chatting, such as Skype or FaceTime, with parental support, due to its potential to enhance social development).
    Up to one hour/day for children 2–5 years of age. Programming should be age-appropriate, educational, high-quality and co-viewed. It should be discussed with the child to provide context and help them apply what they are seeing to their environment.
    Up to two hours/day of recreational screen time for children 5–18 years of age. Individual screen time plans should be considered based on the child’s development and needs.

2. Take whole-body physical breaks after 60 minutes of screen use (after 30 minutes is encouraged).

3. Ensure optimal workstation ergonomics. Workstation lighting should be equal throughout the visual field, to minimize glare and reflections that inhibit screen viewing or cause visual discomfort.

4. Avoid the use of screens 60 minutes before bedtime and keep screens out of the bedroom.

5. Encourage outdoor activity over screen time.

6. Ensure children receive regular eye exams, as they may not complain about screen-associated discomfort.

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