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Before coming in to see the doctor:
  • Always carry your valid Health Card otherwise you will have to pay for your visit.
  • Book a separate appointment for each patient.
  • Bring ALL of your current medications with you in the original bottles and packages. This is useful in case the doctor wishes to change the dosage or stop any medication. The doctor may not understand "round" or "white" pills!
  • If you have seen any other health providers such as Walk-in Clinic or Specialist, then bring their names and telephone number with you to each visit.
  • In your diary, please note the dates when your tests are done so that you can tell the doctor.
  • Wear appropriate clothing which would be easy to remove, if necessary. Women should try to wear loose sleeves for blood pressure checks and injections.
  • If there are any forms to be completed by the doctor, make sure you complete your part first. The doctor will not fill out a form where your section is incomplete.
  • Carry a list of your medications in your wallet (in case of emergencies).
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While you are with the doctor:
  • If you have several problems it is more effective in the long run to concentrate on just one problem during the consultation. It is not worth rushing through a list of many problems and without addressing each problem completely. It would be to your advantage to make another appointment so that each problem can be given the time it needs to be sorted out.
  • Ask your doctor for medication refills if you need them.
  • Inform the secretary if there are any changes to your address and/or telephone.
  • Inform the secretary if you have a new health card or a new health number or version code.
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After your visit:
  • If your condition is not improving please book a follow-up appointment.
  • Any follow up questions can be answered in your next visit to the doctor.
  • Test results can take anywhere between one to four weeks. If you wish to discuss these results, please make a follow-up appointment with the doctor,
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